The Devil Is Not Strong Enough To Stop You

The quality of your life depends on the faith that resides in you. It is impossible to get any victory that is greater than your faith. For this reason, the devil is constantly fighting against you to weaken your faith. You must not allow your faith to fail!! Please remember, a faith failure to your spirit is as a heart failure is to your body.

It is only through your faith that you keep the devil out of your life. But many are choosing to depend on their five senses, and set all their attention on their problems until they become mountains that cannot be overcome. But God intends for us to walk by faith and not by sight.

His Word carries His divine nature, and when it is formed in you and it becomes your life style, it is transferred to you. Then divine nature is conveyed into your human vessel through God’s Word, and causes you to operate the awesome forces of divinity in your earthly walk.

A simple command from you, based on the authority and integrity of God’s Word, when mixed with faith, will release the trigger of the divine nature that resides in you. You need to know the kind of power, and how much power is working inside of you. You must be conscious of your new status. Only then you will be able to walk with a sense of superiority over the cruel forces of hell. Because the greater One is in you, you must carry the “greater one mentality”.

john_1-12-editWhatever God said about you, He has placed in you the power needed to make it happen. The devil is not strong enough to stop you from being and doing what God has destined for you to become.

It is high time to be power conscious, and walk in the consciousness of the power that you carry. This will help tremendously in establishing His plan and purpose for your life. You must loose the creative forces of God in you, into action.

When you understand and begin to exercise your divine authority, things begin to happen that will change your destiny.