The Secret of Thanksgiving-part 2

If you want anything increased in your life, you must gracefully acknowledge God, and thank Him. This is a great spiritual secret practiced by Jesus Himself. In John 6:11 we read that as soon as Jesus gave thanks, food was multiplied which fed thousands of hungry people, and with a lot left over. As soon as He acknowledged the Father by thanking Him, a great miracle occurred. When thanksgiving becomes your lifestyle, you will enjoy a flow of miracles in your life.

We also see in John 11:41-44, Jesus repeated this powerful spiritual principle and used it as a mighty weapon to bring Lazarus out of the grave. “Father, I thank you that you have heard Me”. When you genuinely give thanks to God from the heart, you need not beg, you simply call, and God is committed to answer.

If you desire anything dead in your life to be transformed and come to life, give God Give thanksthanks from the depths of your heart. The power of thanksgiving that brought give-thanksLazarus out of the grave will bring you out too, and your destiny will come alive. For whatever is not working in your life, give Him thanks. It will stop you from complaining and cause God to work on your behalf. I Thessalonians 5:18 “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”.

If God is to intervene on your behalf, thank Him for your situation now. Until you start thanking Him for your business, it will never increase. If you want children born again, begin thanking God for them. Stop complaining and murmuring; and begin to thank Him. Look back and acknowledge how God’s mercies and protection have kept you alive, how many times He intervened on your behalf. As you remember and acknowledge what He has done, and you begin to thank Him, He begins to move on your behalf to change your current position. Until you do, your current situation remains the same and your struggle continues.

His Word says that He has done all things well. It is now time to begin consciously and deliberately acknowledging His benefits. Stop taking for granted what He does and remember that your murmuring and complaining, not only grieve Him, but also angers Him. Learn to focus on what He has already done for you, in order for Him to meet your present needs. Take your eyes off of your needs and focus them on God.

Because He blesses you on a daily basis, be determined to bless Him daily.

Whatever you hold dear that is in the grave will not come out until you give thanks and bless His Holy Name. Begin to thank Him for what He has done yesterday, and you will compel Him to act today on your behalf. No one can do this for you it is your choice!!

Have you thanked Him today?