Power of Praise-part 1

Praising God is simply appreciating Him for Who He is. Because you think highly of God, praise flows from your lips to Him.

Because praise is appropriate to God (Psalm 147:1), He enjoys our praise and moves Him to do things for you more than anything else.

David was a praising saint and moved the heart of God like no one else could and God called David, a man after God’s own heart. If you wish to secure God’s presence in your life, decide and commit to live a life of endless praise, which will bring you into a life of continuous miracles.

Praise is a powerful weapon given to you by heaven itself to defeat satan. Every time you engage the weapon of praise, your enemies become powerless. You will never go wrong by praising God from the heart, because praise disarms the hosts of hell.

What will make your praise genuine? A heart full of thanks, the more thankful you are, the more powerful your praise. When your heart is thankful, joy is produced and it becomes full of joy, and the joy of the Lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10).

Being grateful causes you to become thankful, which makes you joyful, which makes you praiseful. When you are praiseful you are God-full, because He inhabits the praises of Israel (Psalm 22:3). When you are God-full you become wonder-full.

Genuine praise comes only from the heart, so you must keep your heart at all costs. Your heart must be engaged if you are to offer the praise that brings God on the scene. Please know that God responds to the state of your heart, not your actions. So make sure your heart is right with God; then your actions will reflect the state of your heart.

The easiest way to handle the enemy is to offer God quality praise that has its roots in your heart. When you live in an atmosphere of praise, you live in the midst of divine interventions and visitations. Praise that comes from the heart will always produce results.

Have you praised Him today?