The Rise of the Remnant-part 1

The Gospel of Jesus Christ means good news to all; which tells us that the battle with our archenemy satan, has been fought and won a long time ago. And now the Gospel’s voice of triumph is sounding to the ends of the earth that you can walk in freedom if you so choose. No longer do you have to remain sick, discouraged, hopeless, but you have been called to glory and victory no matter who you are or wherever you find yourself to be. The enemy, satan has no more hold on you through sickness, misery, poverty, failure and all that comes to plague mankind.

God has given us a mission, to see that the works of satan are destroyed on the face of the earth, and to set people free. This is our time, the hour is late; the end-time army of the Lord Jesus Christ is waking up and getting ready. The knowledge of the truth the Holy Spirit is revealing to us is here, and shall establish us into God’s end-time army, which will storm the gates of hell!! Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are to take the battle to the enemy and set men free, removing them from the fires of hell.

The time is short, Jesus Christ the Holy Awesome Son of God, is about to return to the earth for the second time. The signs for His return are screaming at us throughout the whole world. He is coming for His Bride, the Church, you and me. Oh how that must thrill our hearts!!

But there is much to be done. The Great Apostasy (the falling away) is well under way. With great sadness we watch daily, many leaders of the Church remain silent about the evils that surround us, about homosexuality and the worldliness that has crept into the churches of God. These days, you can’t tell the church from the world. Many great churches desiring to be relevant to the world, have adopted the ways of the world at the expense of holiness, which God tells us in His Word, that without it no one will see Him.

Others have joined the Anti Christ effort to unite the religions of the world for the “greater good” of humanity. The millions of people that attend these churches have no idea that they are being misled by their shepherds that serve mammon, the god of gold and thus fulfilling the scripture that declares the blind leading the blind, both will end up in the ditch. How painful it must have been when Jesus seeing in the future, was heard saying that when the Son of Man comes back to the earth, will He find faith (faithful followers waiting for His return)?

But there is good news!! There is a remnant within the church that is awake, hungry dissatisfied with the status quo of the Church and the “itching ears” teaching which come from the pulpits! Men and women of Christ, washed in the Blood of the Lamb, Word doers, with the love of God in their hearts anointed by the Spirit of God, and ever ready to arise, shine and fight the good fight of faith. People of the Covenant of eternal Life, that do know their God and are ready to do exploits. Men and women that will pay any price to do the will of God their Father, who know the weapons of their warfare which are powerful with God, and they are not afraid to look satan in the eye and tell him to get lost!! They are the ones who know that satan is a liar and a defeated enemy, and when challenged he will flee. They know that he is nothing but a master deceiver.

The secret is out and has been revealed to them by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God, that the devil is irrelevant and he can be stopped. There is nothing he can do, when men and women of God know this glorious truth: that they are anointed and appointed by the King of Kings to rule and reign in this life, the devil not withstanding.